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BMW - Exhaust header threads being damaged? - Airhead Exhaust Clamp Repair

The exhaust header threads of your BMW are damaged?

You do not like to carry along the exhaust nut wrench any more on your world travels?

Here is the solution you've been searching for.

The kit is clamped on so it uses both form and thight fit.
That's why it works on good or bad threads, it just dosn't matter.

We can offer them for BMW 2V Boxer airheads with
52mm threads (800/1000 cm3) and exhaustpipe diameter 38mm and 40mm
48mm threads (450/650 cm3) and exhaustpipe diameter of 36mm

For example R100 , R80 , G/S , R , RT , RS , CS , RR , CC , R100RT , R100RT , R100RT , R100RS , R100R , R100GS , R80RT , R80RS , R80GS , R80G/S , and probably also for R70/90 , but please check threads and exhaustpipe diameter

!! The shipment always includes one set for 2 Airheads !!

Against regular repair methodes you save:

New original nut, gaskets, disassembling time, repair costs, assembling time, valve adjustment,

But most of all you will never again need this ugly big exhaust nut wrench

exhaust clamp mounted on V2 airhead- front view

exhaust clamp mounted on V2 airhead - front-top view

For your technical information:

The complete set (for 2 airheads) has a weight of 260 Gramm (9.17 ounces)
Legierung: AlZnMgCu1,5 F48/50/53 - 7075
which is one of the strongest aluminum-aloys.
Against corrosion it's colourless anodized

Mounting instructions

!! must have !!

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